Supernaturals of Daizlei Academy

Vessel of Destruction

346 Pages Publication - 21 Nov, 2019

If there is one truth that I hold to in my life, it is that when it rains, it pours.

Perhaps that is why I built myself not for the everyday storms most experience.
But for the hurricanes I have had to learn to withstand.

I know what it is like to feel your heart crack in half like a tree that snaps under too much pressure.

I know the bone-deep, all-consuming, numbness that sets in when the wind and the cold and the water become too much.

I know the desperation that claws under the surface as you try to wait through the night, and hope that come the dawn, the storm has passed.
But perhaps, most importantly, I know how to survive.
Or really, I am too spiteful to die.

Either way, my world is falling apart around me. Death and destruction are knocking on my door. And a storm is coming. One unlike anything we have ever encountered before.

This time it is not Anastasia I will face on the battlefield, but the one who calls to me. The one I cannot face.
This is one storm I don’t know if I will survive . . . or if the price of living is too high.

What Reader's Say

"This book allowed me to be dragged willingly back into Selena's world once more. As with all of Kel's books, this one did not disappoint. I love Selena, her sisters, and especially her and Ash together. There was so much passion, love, compassion, and courage shown in this final book. It allowed me to feel what the characters must have felt and visualize what was being done. I became hooked on Kel years ago with the first Daizlei book and I continue to love her creativity and penmanship. I loved this book so much I could not put it down until the last words were read. The ending was perfect, though it did leave a little mystery just in case there is ever a desire to write a spin off. I loved loved loved this amazing series"
“This was the very first series I started reading of Kel’s. It immediately drew me in and I fell in love with the characters and stories she created. Selena has been through so much in this series, and despite it all she never gives up or lets it break her. The release of Vessel of Destruction was almost bittersweet because it meant the story was finally done. I HIGHLY recommend reading any book of Kel’s, but especially the Daizlei Academy books. Selena is forever one of my favorites."
“Kel Carpenter is back with a new addiction to her addictively wonderful Daizlei Academy series, and Vessel of Destruction (Book 4) is truly superb. A storm is coming in this, the final book in Selena's adventure. Things are looking pretty scary but it would be awfully stupid to count her out. Instead count on getting a totally fun book that is perfectly written, with a great plot, a perfect cast and perfect world-building. Definitely recommended."

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