Supernaturals of Daizlei Academy

Heir of Shadows

380 Pages Publication - 08 Nov, 2016

VAMPIRE ACADEMY meets WEDNESDAY in this complete mature YA series!

There’s only one rule in the world I come from.
Keep our existence a secret. Period.

The day my sister broke that rule one too many times, I knew there would be consequences. I expected us to be sent to one of those schools for “troubled” kids—and maybe Daizlei Academy was, in a way. But really, it was far more complicated than that.

You see, I thought that world had forgotten me. Forgotten us. For years we were left alone, and one day . . . we weren’t.

It was only when I got there that I remembered the second rule:
Trust no one.

Because in our world? They would kill me if they knew the truth of what I am.

Daizlei Academy is a school for Supernaturals.

And me? I’m so much more.

What Reader's Say

"Despite the mental health issues and her constant struggle to suppress her emotions in an effort to control her magic, the story wasn't dark and depressing. It was dark and engrossing and powerful. If you like deeply developed characters, then I highly recommend this book. There's a lot of great magic. It's still a magical school genre story, but on a slightly darker and deeper level than Harry Potter type books. It's YA, but I'd recommend it for older teens and definitely for adults."
“This series was awesome! I loved the growth in each character as you read each book. The way she mixes so many different things from being orphans to the x- men like school to love, loss and acceptance. I couldn’t stop reading it and at the end felt that it could have continued for at least 2 more book."
“The series has many complex characters with all too real struggles. It really strikes a cord. We all struggle to understand the gray areas between good and bad. They are fabulously flawed but relatable. Excellent read."

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