Supernaturals of Daizlei Academy

Queen of Lies

384 Pages Publication - 19 Jun, 2018

My second year at Daizlei didn’t kill me. It did something so much worse.
It killed her.
And the world will never be the same because of it.

Anastasia thought she could own me. The Supernatural thought they could control me. They didn’t realize the darkness they courted until the walls of Daizlei came crushing down around us.

I always thought of myself as hard. Unbreakable. Unbeatable.

Until someone beat me.

Now…I was broken and I planned to use all my sharp edges for the one thing I had left.

What Reader's Say

"This book is full of action, suspense, unexpected and wonderful twists and turns. The underlying implications as more information is discovered throughout this book both tantalize the reader and build the suspense higher in getting ready for the next book in the series is incredible!! From the beginning of this series on through to this current book Kel Carpenter keeps the reader both salivating for more while also keeping the reader rooted in the moment! As connections are made and the characters unfold the truth piece by piece, the world around the characters gains depth and as such jumps to life with the characters becoming more real with every page read. I love Kel Carpenter as her books always have a fresh way of seeing the supernatural. She doesn’t just regurgitate the same old themes that have been written about ad nauseum. She seems to create a world with entirely different rules and norms that help bring the book to life more than usual for me!! I love getting carried away reading her books and discovering the new worlds and characters she brings to life!! 👍👍😁😁"
“I waited for this book for so long, the way the last book ended had me pumped I imagined a lot of ways the story could go but I was so off the mark it's not even funny. Let me say I was pleasantly surprised by the character development and plot twist, it had been too long since a book was this good and also had so many twists even the end which was so masterfully delivered it left me with me mouth open."
“Dear God this is an awesome series! The twist and turns, the fantastic characters, the phenomenal story line, and keeping you on the edge of your seat!! The only sucky part...waiting for the next book!! What more can I say except YOU MUST READ THIS SERIES! You will not be disappointed!"

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