Dark Maji

Long Live the Soulless

380 Pages Publication - 03 Jul, 2020

She died protecting the man she loved. She died by his hands. And on that blood soaked grave, vengeance grew.

Quinn Darkova leads a listless existence in the dark realm. As honored guest and beloved by Mazzulah, she wants for nothing. But when Risk enters the realm to save her, the dark god can’t resist a good bargain.

Lazarus is not the man he once was. Consumed by his own grief, he’s a beast whose sole motivation in life is getting revenge on the man who took Quinn from him.

Fate isn’t done with either of them.
There’s still one game left to play.
Winner takes all, and no matter the victor, the Sirian continent will never be the same again.

This is the fifth and final book in the Dark Maji series. This series must be read in order.

What Reader's Say

"I loved this series. It was well written, with characters that were whole beings and a driven plot. I was continuously surprised, but I never questioned it because everything happened for a reason. I enjoy the books that acknowledge that darkness and wickedness do not necessarily mean evil and that everything has a cost. Would 100% recommend to anyone ready to explore the darkness and who comes for a story."
“I always hate when a series ends, but I hate ones that go on interminably, with no resolution, more. This was a beautiful ending, both harsh and happy. Someone at HBO should read this!"
“Baby let me tell you!! This is how you end a series!! Quinn has died, Lazarus’s mind has succumbed to his demons, Emperor Nero- crazy, deranged, powerful Nero is going to war with Lazarus. Risk has fled. Everything is seconds away from being completely destroyed. But Risk wasn’t running away. She was running toward. Towards her own destiny, toward a sister who loved her, so walked trough hell to get back to her, who saved her. Can Risk bargain to resurrect Quinn’s? And even if she can get Quinn back, Nero is unlike any foe either of them have ever faced, even their best might not be good enough. It gave me everything I wanted, some twists and turn I wasn’t expecting and then some! In the middle of a global pandemic this was the distraction I needed."

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