Dark Maji

For King and Corruption

328 Pages Publication - 30 Jan, 2020

After five months of journeying across the continent with her sister, Quinn is finally ready to return to the king she swore to serve.

But war has been brewing over Norcasta in her absence. While Lazarus may reign as king, there are those that would see the blood heirs in power instead.

Quinn, however, will never let that happen. Her brutality threatens to drive a wedge between her and those she cares about, but they should know she would do anything to protect them.

Caught between the wills of his Left and Right Hands, Lazarus must navigate the pit of vipers that is his court and decide what sort of king he wants to be. But when Quinn pushes too far, she ignites a series of events that will either cement his rule, or destroy House Fierté entirely.

What Reader's Say

"I've never read a series where the books got better and better, until now. No tired plot lines or predictable love story here, this is raw, powerful, edge of your seat, pure awesomeness. The characters are unapologetic and I love watching them develop throughout. I cannot wait for the next one - that cliffhanger left my heart pounding and I'm so excited to see how it ends!!!"
“I just read this again in preparation for the last book. It was just as good as the first time I read it! If you like dark romances, this series probably tops the list. Quinn is the ultimate anti-hero."
“I really never write reviews, but I loved this series so much. It made me so happy to see such a strong female protagonist and characters created with depth. World building was on point. All of it flowed together so well."

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