Dark Maji

Blessed be the Wicked

282 Pages Publication - 08 Jul, 2019

Some will try to trap her in hopes of harnessing her dark power.
Others will seek to end her, deeming it too terrible to risk.

In the end, he will destroy them all—because Quinn is his weapon, and he plans to keep it that way.

Lazarus was warned that Quinn’s power might be too great, even for him, but nothing prepared him for the truth of it until she held a dagger over him, and he was powerless to stop it. Now at odds with himself, the future king of Norcasta must find a way to regain control of his house and secure an alliance with the Pirate Queen…before fate tips its hand once more, and his carefully laid plans are led astray.

Quinn’s loyalty is not easily won, but Lazarus has managed to do it. Now the vassal and right-hand of Lord Fierté, Quinn seeks to gain him an alliance with Ilvas all the while challenging him at every turn. With the Cisean tribes won over, and the blood heirs behind them, Quinn expects this to be an easy task, but soon finds herself entangled in a web of lies.

Forced to gamble with her life—and the lives of her comrades—Quinn must make a choice that will either save or doom them all.

What Reader's Say

"Here just take my money already!!! I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THESE CHARACTERS! Only on book 2 and I am buying the rest of the series!!!"
“I just love this story. These characters are so dark and twisted in their powers. Quinn is a total badass, using her dark magic to get exactly what she wants. She’s cunning and ruthless and a total distraction for dear old Lazarus. Like calls to like as these two dark beings work together to gain their darkest desires."
“This is becoming one of my favorite series. I sat down and read this entire book in one sitting. I cannot get enough of our little dark maji, I adore Quinn for what she is - a morally grey character. She is neither entirely good or entirely evil. And I love characters like that. And MAN those kissing scenes with Laz. The at the end of Fortune Favors the Cruel had me giddy! And then we got an even more intense one and I was like YES YES AND YES. I’m so ready to see how their relationship turns out and I’m excited to see more of Quinn’s character and explore her powers more!"

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