Reapers of the Grimm Brotherhood

Stalking Reapers and Other Failed Dates

254 Pages Publication - 09 Mar, 2021

I found my brother’s murderer, by becoming his next victim.

The asshat killed me, too. But little does he know—I came back. Again.

Now he’s going down.

But before I can destroy him, I need to resolve the little issue of me not dying. That’s twice now I’ve cheated death. Something’s not right.

Graves doesn’t think I’m a reaper, and the ghosts seem to agree with him. They say that I’m different. That I’m more.

All I know is that things are getting real weird in Farrow’s Square and dying is hungry work.

Where’s a truckload of Hostess cupcakes when a girl needs them?

This is the second book in the Grimm Brotherhood series. This series must be read in order.

What Reader's Say

"Sassy, loud mouth, daring, don’t give a crap but with a MASSIVE heart! Now that’s Salem and she’s my type of girl! Fantastic book that had me reading in between my tea and lunch breaks (sometimes even sneakily during working hours), it was just that good. And the title, it says it all. Fantastic."
“OMG!!! This book was fantastic. Continuing the story from Reapers Blood the book does not disappoint. There is plenty of action, humor and lust!!"
“Ugh! I can’t get enough of this series! Kel and Meg are amazing writers. Salem is hilarious and badass. I can’t wait for the next book! That ending was... ugh! I need more of Graves and Salem."

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