Reapers of the Grimm Brotherhood

Hunting Werewolves and Other Bad Dates

256 Pages Publication - 13 Jan, 2020

Dying is supposed to be the end of the line. Not for me, though. I’m just not that lucky.

When my twin brother dies, I return home knowing life will never be the same. I just didn’t expect to die in a supernatural car crash on my way there. Plot twist: I’m not actually dead-dead, and I have no idea why.


As if things aren’t confusing enough, my late brother’s bad-tempered and sinfully attractive best friend finds me in the woods in all my recently deceased glory.


He claims that half of my hometown are actually monsters; that people like he and my brother exist to keep them in line, and–cherry on top of this crap sundae–my brother didn’t die in an accident.

He was murdered.


Now it’s up to me and his brooding best friend to find answers before whoever, or whatever, killed my brother cuts the last branch off my family tree and sends me into the afterlife–permanently.

Wish someone would have prepared me for hunting werewolves and fending off sex vampires, but apparently that’s too much to ask.

**The Grimm Brotherhood is a new adult urban fantasy series with slow-burn romance and a snarky heroine. It contains material intended for mature teens and adults. Fans of Kelly St. Clare, Leia Stone, K.F. Breene, Annette Marie, and Audrey Grey will love this action packed, food-filled adventure!**

What Reader's Say

"A) this made me hungry. Hostess cupcakes...pizza...m&ms Mmm food B) Salem is badass. Has no filter. Is always hungry. Pretty much amazing right! C) mmm Graves D) amazing best friend I could probably go on, but the point is...READ THIS BOOK!"
“This is an Exciting, fast paced book with loads of sarcastic witty humour that had me reading until the wee hours of the morning."
“My New Favorite Book!"

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