Damned Magic and Divine Fates

Infernal Desires

356 Pages Publication - 30 Jul, 2018

They say there’s no rest for the wicked, and New Orleans never knew how true that was until I came to town.

Nobody told me that when I entered the transition, the very gifts of my demonic lineage would be used against me. Nobody warned me that the flames of Hell would burn from within. Or that I’d be driven to lust and madness, my chaotic magic becoming more wild and unruly than ever before.

The only way to save myself—and the world—was to give the beast what she wanted: control.

As if transitioning wasn’t enough, my presence was now known, and my enemies were mounting. While the beast was intent on claiming our Four Horsemen, there were things to be done. People to find. Demons to kill.

And when they make a deal with the devil—let’s just say that neither world will ever be the same again.

Long live the Queen.

If I can survive becoming immortal, that is.

What Reader's Say

"I came across this book by chance, and I'm not really one to write out long reviews. However, I blew through the first 3 books in two days. This story holds you spellbound with magic, mythology, and romance. I anxiously await the 4th book. From the sarcastic wit to strong female characters and relatable emotions, this series hit all the high notes. Would absolutely recommend."
“This book is my favorite so far out of this series. Ruby went through her full transition in this book with the help of her inner beast. The physical relationship between Ruby and her 4 horsemen ramped up quite a few notches 🔥🔥 A lot of answers were exposed in this book but still more questions popped up by the end. A lot of action in this book especially when Ruby shows how bad*** she is."
“This book hit the ground running and never stopped! It picks up right where we left off with Ruby and her crew, but the story takes so many twists and turns after that. The mystery surrounding a couple characters continues with just a smidge revealed during this installment. Definitely looking forward to the next book! Helpful "

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