Damned Magic and Divine Fates

Brimstone Nightmare

390 Pages Publication - 16 Jan, 2019

As with everything else in my life, the descent into Hell was not so simple.

When I jumped into the portal I expected to find the Sins on the other side. I expected to find my people—demons—waiting and ready.

What I found were flames and fire and ash.

The apocalypse hadn’t waited for me. It had already begun.

Hell’s barriers were collapsing in on themselves—making my task of finding the Sins infinitely harder. As the Horsemen and I set out on our journey to find them, we discover that not all is what it seems.

A white-haired assassin once told me to beware of the evil that hides in plain sight.

I should have listened to her.

The fight for Hell has begun, and the duty of saving it lies solely on my shoulders, but to win—to survive—I must unravel the secrets of the past if any of us are to see the future.

I will take what is mine, even if I have to bleed for it.

What Reader's Say

"I have so much love for this series I just can't tell you! I've loved each and every one of the books. They are so well written that I actually miss the characters each time I finish one and have to wait for the next. I swear Bandit has got to be my favorite! Love that little bugger! The narration is beyond fantastic. You need to read this series. It's worth every penny!"
“Honestly everything Kel puts out blows me away, so I shouldn’t have been surprised. But this book absolutely shredded my soul. The world Kel has managed to create is one that I love getting lost in. There is fantasy and mythology and lust and action. Her characters are quirky, lifelike, and strong. They are so relatable it hurts. And let me tell you. Kel hurts you. She hurts you so good. There are tears and heartache and excitement and adrenaline every time I read this book. Which I have done four times since it released almost two weeks ago. Such a wonderful series. I’m so heartbroken to see it come to an end. It was a wonderful wrap up to an incredible series. If you’re considering it, take that leap and read it. You absolutely will not regret it. It’s been such a long time since I’ve been this invested in a series. Ps there’s a badass pet raccoon if nothing else I said enticed you."
“I picked up this series because I thought I could get lost in it, and boy did I. This last book made me cry,laugh, scream at it, and be so pissed off. I enjoyed this book. I loved how all the characters had to grow and change. I love how she broke them down to let them grow and become so much better. Love these books. If you want a love story with lots of sarcasm, hot sexy guys, amazing friends, and some silliness, then enjoy this series."

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