Magic Wars: Her Immortal Monsters

Bonded By Death

Publication - 27 Mar, 2023

She needed the Devil.
And I wouldn’t be denied.

Ten months of being dead and thousands of years that were so forgettable I couldn’t remember them had changed me. Changed my priorities.

Ten months of watching her struggle and sacrifice for everyone else around her changed my perspective.

I may be her familiar, but Nathalie was mine.

She may have feelings for the incubus and her ex, but they would never fully be hers. Not like I was.

Their baggage would make it impossible for her to fully surrender with them. But not me.

As much as my little witch struggled with my lack of morality, I knew the truth.
She wanted me.

Nathalie wanted to be put first, even though she didn’t ever do it for herself. She wanted someone that would choose her, despite the odds or what they’d sacrifice in the process. She didn’t like to admit it, but my little witch didn’t want the good guy.

She thought she did, but what Nathalie needed was a villain.

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