Magic Wars: Her Immortal Monsters

Bonded By Death

296 Pages Publication - 27 Mar, 2023

I’m torn between three men that I swore I wouldn’t get involved with. I know it’s wrong, but part of me loves it. Craves it.

Everyone thinks I’m the good girl, but what they don’t see is that my carefully crafted persona is crumbling around me.

My ex taught me that love isn’t sweet, patient, or kind. It’s cruel and it hurts. He’ll do anything for a second chance, but I can’t forget the flames that burned me from the inside out three years ago.

My liar is forbidden, but I’m haunted by his slate blue eyes and wicked mouth. He’s gotten under my skin, and I don’t know how to remove him without tearing my heart apart in the process.

My devil may be bad, but he makes promises that sound so good. I wish I could say he tricked me with honeyed words, but really, I did it to myself. Bonding to him was a mistake, but bargaining with him? It might be my undoing.

My mask is cracked. I’m hanging on by a thread.

We all have weaknesses.
Mine just make me a glutton for punishment.

What Reader's Say

"The last few minutes of Bonded by Death was literally breathtaking. Seriously, with the last sentence...I let out a breath that I didn't know was holding. Then I preceded to immediately try to click on the third book in the series to continue this wild ride...."
“I love this series spinoff. I’m so happy Nat got her own series. This book had so many cliffhangers in the ending that it’s going to kill me waiting on the next book next year. Great writer"
“This book is fast paced and has me so excited for the third book! Can't wait to see what happens next"

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