Immortal Vices and Virtues

Covet Me

536 Pages Publication - 31 May, 2022

In our world, power is king, and I’m the ultimate bartering chip.

I’m the daughter of the Don, but my life as a mafia princess is far from a fairytale.
Trapped in a pretty cage, my family clipped my wings so that I can fill the role all princesses are tasked: to marry a prince and secure an alliance. My mob boss father would give anything to gain an edge over the rest of the Supernatural Syndicates in New York—including me.

So my dad makes a deal.
The terms are simple.

Win the election to become the new leader of Earth and Emerald. Win me.

Except . . . I’m not a very good princess and I have no intention of playing nice.

These men want to compete for me? Fine—but no one said I couldn’t compete for myself.
The trials may be deadly, but I’ve got an ace up my sleeve they won’t see coming.

There’s just one tiny problem.
Out of nowhere, the very mating call I’d hoped to never experience consumes me, and I go into heat—at the worst time ever.

Talk about a sticky situation.


**Covet Me is a why-choose spicy standalone paranormal romance in the Immortal Vices and Virtues universe. You can expect enemies-to-lovers pulse pounding romance, hate-kissing, ‘touch her and die’ vibes, and three possessive mates that will do anything for their little firebird. Mature themes will be present. Reader discretion is advised.*

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